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vendredi 3 novembre 2017

Pullip Festival 2018 - Registration form for exhibitors - ENGLISH version

Cuckoo dear pullip's fans!

Today is a great day!

We open registrations for stand reservations
of the Pullip Festival 2018, February 4 in Rennes;)

Here is the registration of the stands to download HERE!

Below you will find a description of a stand at Pullip Fesrival 2018,
if you have questions about information that is not specified
in the folder to download, you can send us an email:

Exhibitors: three different statuses

It is possible to exhibit at the Pullip Festival according to three different statuses: creator, professional or non-profit exhibitor (eg association).

What kind of stand do you belong to?

You are :

A creator: you sell your creations made by you: clothes, accessories, fully customized dolls (at least, the make-up and the outfit must have been made by the creator), photographs, graphic creations, etc. Items not handmade by the designer will not be allowed on these stands (example: a garment of a known brand, a piece of furniture not handmade, etc.).

A professional: You are a shop or a person who sells directly or indirectly objects made by a third party (dolls, obitsu, wigs, etc.). Under no circumstances will counterfeits be allowed for sale (this includes Angel Gate).

A non-profit / association exhibitor: a module is available free of charge, subject to availability. In return, you agree to sell nothing on your stand under penalty of a fixed fine of € 80 per booked module.

The composition of the stands

At the Pullip Festival, stands are composed of a module representing:
2.16 m² of exposure area: 1.20 meters long by 1.80 meters deep;
2 free exhibitor badges (possibility to buy more);
A table 1.20 m wide and 80 cm deep;
Two chairs.
Any additional badge or module (subject to availability) will be charged to the exhibitor.

Exhibitors will be able to set up their stand on Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 from 2pm to 6:30 pm and on Sunday, February 4th, 2018 from 8am to 10am.

For any other question on the possibilities of development and rental of equipment (possibility of having grids in a limited number of 1.20 m wide and 2 m high), please contact us quickly. A quote must be requested by email or phone, no later than January 15, 2018.

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