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lundi 22 octobre 2018

Pullip Festival 2019 – Exhibitors, we need you

Howdy futur exhibitor!
Would you like to come to our fabulous festival and keep it great?
Wait no more! Registrations are open from the now gone October, 21st. As the carrier pulligeon did not do its work on this first holiday week-end, announcement was delayed.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Now then, you can download:

  • The introduction file which explains in details who we are and the choices we offer to you;
  • The registration form which is required for registration, of course! We would be saddened if you forgot to deliver yours to us. This time, you'll be in Lily's care. She will ensure to any of your query at the address provided in the documents. Please, be gentle with her;
Warning: We clarified the registration process and acceptance terms. Please read the documents carefully! We hope you'll be thinking about the eyes of the ones who will be reading you. Thus filling your form clearly and legibly, and writing to us in some, well, understandable English. Well, our team is not so high level in English, be kind with us, please. If you can French, banzai!
We hope to see many applications for the delight (hardship?) of the responsible one.
Kind Pullip

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